About TrustBroker Africa

The preferred way to contact the TBA team is by e-mail:


This mailaddress is monitored during normal business hours (09:00 to 17:00 UTC Mon - Fri).

Usually new requests and incoming information shall be processed within one working day, although for certain requests like team registrations, more time will be needed to clarify all open issues.

Confidentiality and Authenticity of Email Communication

To send confidential data encrypted to the TBA team use the following public key, available through well known public PGP keyservers:

User ID: TrustBroker Africa (TBA) ** TICKET SYSTEM **
Key ID: 966D5533
Key type: RSA
Key size: 4096
Fingerprint: 5A70 453F 2E00 FF3C 368F 7CBB 014F 2864 966D 5533

The TBA team uses several GPG/PGP keys, whenever authenticity is essential. The key used to sign all of them is called "Master Signing" key! You can download it from well known public PGP keyservers:

User ID: TrustBroker Africa (TBA) ** MASTER SIGNING **
Key ID: C1AEC76D
Key type: RSA
Key size: 4096
Fingerprint: 5474 A6FE B846 5AC8 EC5C 3A75 9510 5F46 C1AE C76D

Postal Mail

Documents can be sent by postal mail.

Postal Address

TrustBroker Africa Service
VCG Office Complex, IPS Road
P O Box LG 1279, Accra, Ghana

Service Governance

The TrustBroker Africa Service is operated by WACREN, in partnership with sister regional networks, Ubuntunet Alliance and ASREN as part of the AfricaConnect3 project which is co-funded by the European Union.

The TBA Steering Committee coordinates the activities of the TrustBroker Africa Service with the co-operation with other well known members of the community.

The tasks of the TBA Steering Committee are as follows:

  • Making decisions on team listing and accreditation as well as associates in accordance with the guidelines developed for and by the TBA community.
  • Reviewing the performance of the TrustBroker Africa Service and making recommendations to modify or expand it.

Service Manager

The service manager responsible for the service delivery is Omo Oaiya. In case of special requests or service escalations please contact him directly. If needed use his PGP key to encrypt any email sent to him.