The Registry of TrustBroker Africa

The TrustBroker Africa Service (TBA) maintains the African database of CSIRTs (also known as CERTs), SOCs, ISACs, PSIRTs and security teams. The teams in the TBA database are known as listed teams. A team's request to become listed is submitted to the TBA Steering Committee for now. In the future once there are enough accredited teams, the decision of accepting new listing candidates will be taken by a vote of all accredited teams. (see here for further information).

Accredited teams are a subset of the listed teams and fulfill the requirements of the formal TBA accreditation.

Later on you will find below the publicly available data for all listed teams - these data are maintained only on request or when errors are observed / reported, and are thus provided best effort only.

Additionally, the publicly available data for all accredited teams will be offered. These data is actively maintained and therefore more valuable and accurate.

If you want to get an impression of how the interface will look like in the future please refer to the Trusted Introducer Service for Europe.