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Most of the sensitive and trusted services provided by the TBA are only available to accredited teams. But right from the beginning some services have been made available to the public also, most notably the team registry, as all teams and all effected sites benefit from widely available point of contact information.

The following details provide you with an overview of all services.

Team Directory

  • Public Access:

For the benefit of the public and all non-member teams the basic information about all teams registered by the TBA will be presented. The information about Accredited teams is pro-actively maintained - the information about other teams listed is provided on best-effort basis. To improve the automatic retrieval a JSON file will be made available providing the same set of data as publicly available on the web. (please note: The basic information provides the point of contact - telephone, email, cryptographic keys - but does not allow any detailed understanding of the team's policies or services. The full set of information is restricted to TBA Accredited teams, see below!)

  • Access for Listed Teams:

Listed teams have the same access to the team registry as the public. But the teams are welcome to provide suitable updates of their point of contact information whenever changes occur. To support such updates, the self-service interface is made available for the representatives of listed teams. This self-service interface will also be used to provide more information once a team decides to become an accreditation candidate.

  • Access for Members (Accredited):

The members website additionally offers in-depth operational data of all Accredited teams, which is pro-actively maintained and must be approved every four month by the teams itself. This is supported via the self-service interface, which is also used to register individuals as team members and request X.509 user certificates for all. Beside a CSV file and PGP Key Ring an extended JSON file (compared to the public version) is maintained and available to members.

Initial joining the TBA community

  • Listing of new teams:

Any legitimate team who delivers substantial incident management services can be registered by the TBA to become "Listed". Listing includes the provisioning of basic information regarding the team's constituency and it's contact information. This basic set will be made available on the public website and on the member's restricted web site.

  • Re-Listing of listed teams:

After three years, if a listed team did not become accredited, the team must prove again that it's "Listing" is supported by the TBA community. The process will be started automatically without further requests from the listed team, but will ask for active support of the re-listing candidate.

  • Role of Members (Listed and Accredited):

Only members can provide support for listing and re-listing candidates, raise objections or suggest new candidate teams for listing. The decision will be made by the TBA Steering Committee, as no or not enough TBA Accredited teams are available in the beginning. Until then, also team members of TBA Listed teams can express their support.


  • Accredition of Listed Teams:

Only listed teams and re-listing candidate teams can apply for TBA Accreditation.

  • Role of Members (Accredited):

Only members can provide support for accreditation candidates (which is always welcome but not strictly necessary) or raise objections.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are available for listed and accredited teams and their team representatives. Those lists allow an open discussions for all teams.

Meetings and Trainings

Various training activities and meetings will be organized and announced.